When You Are Considering Raising Institutional Private Equity 

Use this check list when making a decision on who is right to help you make prudent choices with the most important decisions you will make for your company- securing growth capital from professional investors. Be sure you are not comparing apples with oranges. CapitalLinkUSA is unique in the marketplace.

  • Itís hard to get VC money and keep equity ownership control, but that is the only way we do it.
  • Itís costly to accept the wrong professional VC partner (ever been divorced? This would be worse).
  • You learn best for yourself- so we give you an education: a PhD in your own business via the University of the Marketplace, so you can make prudent decisions and be confident to act.
  • Why accept market comparables? We donít accept market rate. Your firm is unique and we identify the outlier investor Ė the investor willing to deliver the highest number of dollars for the lowest percentage ownership give-up. If you can earn premium prices for your products/services why should you not expect to get premium valuation for your equity?
  • Will you accept the first investor who offers you cash? Chemistry is a significant factor when selecting professional equity investors whom you will live with during very dynamic times in the growth of your company; we take a holistic approach and deliver investor choices so you are confident you are making the right decision for you.
  • So how much money do you really need? That depends on your business strategy which dictates your funding strategy. We assist you to optimize your business strategy and minimize the use of equity where possible. We donít let clients waste equity ownership. We donít let our clients short-change themselves either. We help you unlock your full growth and profit potential. Why else would you be doing this?
  • Are you sure this is the right business strategy for you to pursue? We help you test it- before you commit. This gives you our unique Financial Market Intelligenceô to uncover any risk factors, before they affect what you own today, as well as your potential valuation.
  • Shopping your deal with an unfocused and slow market entry can be very damaging to your company. We create demand for your unique future and orchestrate investor meetings back to back on both coasts to create urgency and comparison shopping for you, which puts time on your side! Our capital raise process is 3-4 months vs 9-12 months of traditional methods.

This takes more than an intermediary.
This takes a growth strategist and funding expert to position you for getting the best deal possible in the professional venture capital community.

CapitalLinkUSAís Empowering Capital Access Agreement addresses much more than a traditional investment banker, broker or intermediary.

         Historically, CapitalLinkUSA has increased its clientís valuation in excess of 30%.
The design of CapitalLinkUSAís  Empowering Capital Access Agreement is to cost you nothing, since all fees are offset by the value of the equity you save through the Optimum Valuation we deliver.

         Historically, CapitalLinkUSA clients typically achieve their 5 and 10 year goals in 1-3 years.

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