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The Cash And Control System

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Our Unique Process
The Cash And Control System

There is no question about the energy and commitment you are investing to build your company.

The larger question is: are you getting the biggest possible return on that investment?
Are you as far along as you could be? Is it clear that you’ll grow to your fullest potential?

Informed and confident decision-making is the hallmark of the Cash And Control SystemTM.

The Cash And Control System TM  is a market-proven and time-tested methodology to turn growth potential into shareholder wealth. Swift and manageable, it affords a single-source approach to attract all the resources (capital and human) required by your fast growth company.

The Cash And Control SystemTM is a proprietary method of obtaining the highest valuation and maintaining the greatest amount of control when growing your business.

"Three months ago, I hired CapitalLinkUSA to assist me in raising the necessary (Agent) growth capital to take our firm to the next level. At this point, it is obvious we will obtain the funds we need at a valuation we could not possibly have achieved on our own. We will have a choice of investors. We will maintain controlling interest. And we will end up with a partner that shares our vision and can bring value beyond financial resources to the Company. This is what CapitalLinkUSA said it would deliver.

It did.

What I did not anticipate is the value CapitalLinkUSA has brought to our strategic thinking, above and beyond the financing. Today as a result of The Cash And Control SystemTM, I understand my business better and have a clearer understanding than I did just three months ago, of where I want and can take it. If we ended the process today, the effort would have been worth both the time and expense."
- Scott Johnson, CEO of Industrial Devices Corporation in California


"Stefania, thank you for helping us to drive and package our company’s value in a way that is powerful, truthful and easy to share. The initial results have been immediate and rewarding.  I am sure the future will have similar results.

 To my surprise, within four days, the entire team unanimously engaged to help me reach out to 15 sources of cash we had never previously considered. We identified over $275,000 of new (principal) cash, none of which required any give-up of ownership. In fact, reaching out to these sources has already accelerated growth of our top line by solidifying prospected business into actual business.  Also, it drove us to begin collaboration of our first $100,000 of consulting income,  that previously we took for granted. We simultaneously obtained substantial pricing discounts on several big ticket expenses plus win-win terms allowing us to use the cash we do have more effectively.

Perhaps best of all is the energy liberated by the reduction of stress I have personally experienced: it’s fun to grow my business again! Our entire company is really enjoying the process of applying the Cash And Control System on our path to economic self-sufficiency.”
-Lane Gerber, CEO, Trusted Supply Chain Partners (Trusted Manufacturing)

Predicable Results

The 3 predicable results of the Cash And Control System are:

  • Exponentially higher profit

  • Dramatically lower risk

  • Enhanced shareholder wealth

Accessing resources is measured in days, not months.

Cash on your terms, from both Principal and Agent funding sources.
            Principals invest their own money.
            Agents invest the funds of others.

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Profitable Growth. Faster. Safer.

The Cash And Control System delivers profitable growth, faster, safer than you ever thought possible.

View a graphic of the Cash And Control System by clicking here. (click to see the System)

Is the Cash And Control SystemTM right for you?

We are in the Action Business

The Cash And Control System™ enables you, the business owner, to translate into value what you have created so that you can make your dreams a reality now. CapitalLinkUSA is in the action business, not the consulting business. Our mission is to ensure the success of your vision so that you may profit from your company’s full growth and profit potential. The Cash And Control System is a step by step approach which predictably builds value for you to monetize to order to fuel your growth while keeping control.

Cash on your terms

The Cash And Control System™  is our unique process to help you reveal, fund and implement your next quantum leap to dramatically enhance the value of your ownership. Economic self-sufficiency: Cash -- on your terms -- to keep control of a bigger more profitable company. That means both non-bank debt and equity that wants YOU in control!

Our unique process has 4 components

The Cash And Control System includes:

         Analysis:  Discover which future you really want separating business possibilities from financial assumptions.

         Growth Strategy:  Make confident decisions based on testing your growth strategy before you commit using risk-free market feedback.

         Funding Strategy:  Select the right cash sources that want YOU in control (both principal and agent cash sources)

         Wealth Map:  Enhance shareholder wealth while controlling your future : Have your cake and eat it too: access partial liquidity while retaining ownership control

Tools and Resources to

Optimize Growth and
Enhance Shareholder Wealth

The Cash And Control System™ is a powerful set of tools and market-proven methodology which empowers business builders to make confident decisions to achieve the full potential of their growth opportunities based on broad financial market knowledge and multiple funding alternatives.

        Discover the future you really want

"My original assumptions for realistic goals has more than doubled as this powerful tool enabled us to uncover our optimum business strategy. The very first step of the Cash And Control System was an excellent exercise, forcing us to expand our thought process and the possibilities. It afforded us the opportunity to discuss growth and the means to achieve it. With Stefania, we did in 2 hours what we have not been able to do in 10 years."
- Randy Partin, Founder and CEO Motivair in Alabama

"I thought we were going to focus on how to improve the existing business. You showed us how to morph the entire company."
- Mike Gualario, founder and CEO Sensor Technologies Inc, Inc 500 company of New Jersey

"The Cash And Control System is what we have needed for two years, better yet, from our inception. The focus and clarity of our direction is going to be powerful!"
- Morris Pettit, Founder & CEO Expotel, WA

"Before I had a vision as a concept. Now I have a vision as a game plan. This Cash And Control System takes me to the future out of our present."
- Jonathan Lau, President and Founder
Le Chef Bakery of California

        Make confident decisions based on risk-free market feedback

"Without this feedback, I would have had no knowledge of the phenomenal opportunity I would have been leaving on the table."
- Fred Baker, Founder and CEO Baker Industries of Pennsylvania

“This System marked the beginning of our change from a defensive mode company …to an aggressive company that will dominate our markets!”
- Dan Schnaars, founder and CEO of AmeriGlobe, Louisiana

"I understand my business better and have a clearer sense of where I want and can take it."
- Jeff Glickman, founder and CEO TeraPlex of Illinois

        Select the right cash sources that want YOU in control (both Principal and Agent cash sources)

"Capital Link managed over 20 investor visits in less than 3 weeks without a hitch. I had the entree and the endorsement from Capital Link that my story was worth the investors' time to listen."
- Fred Baker, Founder and CEO, Baker Corp. of Pennsylvania

"I perceived attracting resources for my growth would be hard. It wasn’t!"
- Wayne McFarland, President - Landmark Industries of Illinois

"Instead of accepting any of the 5 investor term sheets we received, Capital Link helped us craft a 6th with the most favorable terms. We invited those investors we wanted to participate in our deal, and they accepted OUR term sheet!"
- Scott Johnson, President, Industrial Devices Corporation, California

        Enhance shareholder wealth while controlling your future.

"I uncovered an entirely new growth strategy and it is a much better future than the one to which I was originally heading: one which is safer, more profitable and a lot more exciting."
- Scott Johnson, Founder and CEO of AutomationSolutions, Inc. of Colorado

"CapitalLinkUSA empowered our executive management/owners to act upon the unique vision of our enterprise. It helped us clarify for ourselves and then gave us the courage to collect the premium our value-added products and services deserve."
- Randall Maddox, Founder and CEO Sunbelt of Texas

"We knew our investors had set aside additional funds for future acquisitions or another growth phase. The benefit of our forward-focused communications paid off when they provided follow on capital even before we asked for it, to help us through a tough spot along the way."
- Wayne McFarland, CEO of Landmark Industries of Illinois

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Timetable - Typical Cash And Control SystemTM

The Cash And Control System is YOUR solution for cash on your terms to retain ownership control of a bigger, safer, more profitable company. That means

         non-bank debt and

         Equity that wants you in control.

Our unique process works for both Principal cash and Agent cash.
            Principals invest their own money.
            Agents invest the funds of others.

For Principal funding sources, clients access cash on their terms measured in days.

For Agent funding sources, recognizing that no two companies and no two situations or strategies are identical, The Cash And Control SystemTM typically moves from inception to funding in as little as 90 days, depending on your level of commitment.  See time table for Agent funding sources below:

"I uncovered an entirely new growth strategy and it is a much better future than the one to which I was originally heading: one which is safer, more profitable and a lot more exciting."
- Scott Johnson, Founder and CEO of AutomationSolutions, Inc. of Colorado

Tell me how to get started!

Use the Criteria Checklist to determine if you or your company are poised for a Quantum Leap experience. Characteristics of Capital Link USA Client Companies:

Both of the following:

Privately owned and majority held by Management
$ 1 - 50 million in revenue.

See specialized services for companies with revenue of:

Any or all of the following:
Growing fast
Healthy business
Recognized as innovator in marketplace

Stretched Resources:
Any or all of the following:
Experiencing more demand than capacity
Bank credit insufficient to fund growth
Team working 10 - 15 hours a day
Poised for an infusion of growth capital
Core management in place, however lack management depth

Characteristics of CapitalLinkUSA Client Business Owners:
You need both:


"I am more excited about my business's potential today than ever before! The work we did with Stefania and the Cash And Control System will allow us to quickly build a profitable company to lead the industry in the 21st Century!"
- Randy Overfield, Founder & CEO, EA Group of Florida

Make your vision a reality. The Cash And Control SystemTM ensures that you will reduce your own risk, expand your vision, exceed your greatest corporate ambitions and realize value you never thought could exist.

CapitalLinkUSA’s unique process translates into dramatic savings for you in terms of management time, cash, risk, and most importantly, equity value. Critically focused on achieving the company’s full growth and profit potential, CapitalLinkUSA offers the only platform available in today’s marketplace from which business owners, with rapid growth strategies, can launch swift and effective value building, calculated to secure all the resources necessary to achieve their full growth and profit potential.

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"My work with Stefania spans three companies, three capital raises, both coasts, favorable and unfavorable financing environments, and a dozen years. With her, I have presented to nearly 100 private equity firms, many in Silicon Valley, and have established personal relationships with several. While I may no longer need her introductions, I will undoubtedly engage her again when my next venture requires outside financing. Her process and her guidance significantly enhance the strategic value of her client’s companies, creating demand for investment by firms that might otherwise have passed or undervalued the opportunity. The predictable result of working with Stefania is more cash than I thought possible while retaining ownership control with investors who I end up counting as close friends."
-Scott Johnson

Call the innovator of the Cash And Control System for a complementary analysis: Stefania Aulicino 312/951-6777.

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