10 Reasons why this program is like none other and why you should  take advantage of these four interactive sessions to work on the growth of your business.


  1. Eliminate barriers between you and your vision.


  1. It’s not JUST about funding, it’s about growth-- but growth consumes cash, so these topics are related. Don’t be confused, this program is about how to lead your company to
    1. Exponentially higher profit
    2. Dramatically lower risk
    3. Enhanced shareholder value


  1. See your company’s future possibilities, based on cash and control. It’s hard to gain objectivity from where you are inside. Participate in a unique and productive environment of like-minded business owners who share many of the same challenges you do to stimulate and nurture your transformational thinking.


  1. Innovation flourishes only in companies where entrepreneurial vision maintains control. Are you putting your capacity to innovate-- the life blood of your company—at risk? Learn how to enhance your capacity to make your company a perpetual value-creation machine.


  1. Growth financing is both complex and ongoing, just like growth itself. Get clarity of the right marriage of business and financing strategies for confident profit-creating and value-building decision making.


  1. Test your assumptions –are they holding you back?  Ensure your value drivers and financing choices are fully vetted using time-tested, market-proven and successful approaches.


  1. Execution of cutting edge entrepreneurial financing tools, like new habits, require knowledge, experience and guidance. Don’t practice on yourself by making your own mistakes. Ensure you have this ongoing resource in place for your next important growth decision. Commit to a series of four enhancements of your knowledge base and have a breakthrough year.


  1. Learn how to mine additional shareholder value based on the principal that you, the entrepreneur, are the scarce resource. See how your profit engine can be fueled by financial, intellectual, and other resources required to guarantee your success.


  1. Experience proven techniques to help your business thrive in a global, fast paced world through access to resources which “create” opportunities. Don’t just wait for your ship to come in, register NOW and start pursing “pro-active” growth


  1. You deserve a higher ROE2 (return on both the energy and the equity) you are already investing. If you are committed to making a difference in the world, quantum leap results give you the opportunity to make the biggest impact possible.


So Apply Now

…And if you need more reasons:

  1. You deserve abundant resources that want YOU in control.
  2. Discover the secret of cash AND control: you can have both.
  3. Achieve profitable growth, faster, safer than you ever thought possible.
  4. Harness your Team’s passion to capture changing opportunities
  5. Get answers to questions you did not know you had!
  6. If you don’t make your company’s future a priority, who will?
  7. What you do in the next 10 minutes just might change your business, and your life, forever.