Testimonials about the Cash And Control ROE2 Program

“I’m confident knowing that my company is worth more than just what our balance sheet says it’s worth. That’s a significant change since I started this program.”
- Danny Schnaars, Vice President Ameriglobe, LA

 “Practical? Yes, we’ll start applying what I’m learning right away."
- Kerry LaCoste, President LaCoste Design, IL

“I need to reinvigorate my creative juices and  think about what my company could be if I didn’t have constraints- that’s what the Program does for me.”
- Ray McMahon, President Grafech Engineering, IL

"The Program taught me not to set our long term future goals based on where we’ve been but, rather, on the future we really want.”
- Beverly Cawthon, Director of Operations Aegis Sciences Corp, TN

“The Program, keeps me focused on a game plan that measures from 10 years out and I’m using strategies to get me where I want to go, on purpose.”
- Chad Coe, President Coe Financial, IL

“I recommend the Program for anyone running a privately held company because you learn a system you can follow to get your company to where you want to be.”
- Steven Andras, President and founder Grate Products, MA Inc. 500 Entrepreneur

“We’re on the verge of significant growth. Here we learned thinking big is what people want to hear. Stefania is not just talking at us; this program is interactive with great insights from Stefania and the other participants."
- Becky Brett, President 10 to Midnight Productions, IL

“Creating a business plan that was not monetarily restricted really opens up my eyes to an amazing degree. Anyone that really desires to grow their business faster and in a more exciting manner would benefit completely from this program”
- Dan Schnaars, President Ameriglobe, LA

“I now realize it’s not enough to create a vision. It’s extremely important to live the vision that you created for your business future by acting on things today to achieve that vision.”
- David Black, President Aegis Sciences Corp, TN

“I hope this program is  never ending because I learn something new every time I come here.”
- Dee Andras, Vice President Grate Products, MA