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Let us tell you about our specialized services if your Company has:
[under $3 million revenue]
[$3-30 million in revenue]
[over $30 million in revenue]

If you have revenue of under $3 million, it’s important to know how to grow your early stage business without giving up control so that you are well positioned to capitalize on the future appreciation of your equity- both for your own return and to fund your company’s future needs.

We do NOT work with companies pre-revenue. Our expertise is with companies that are in corporate adolescence. Our sweet spot is manager-owned companies with revenue of $3 to 30 million.

However, it’s vital that companies of all stages avoid making mistakes with their equity. We hope you will take advantage of our educational tools.  We believe in growing our own clients!

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Here is the complete Cash And Control System in a fast read book which educates you to the key principles that will set you up for a lifetime of cash and control so you can have both, always.
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