When your future is bigger than your past, you can’t rely on the funding solutions you had yesterday.

The Turnkey Program is perfect when you need cash to fuel your Optimum Growth Strategy, the only growth strategy that delivers the highest return with the lowest risk, plus the tools to get cash on your terms.  

The Turnkey Program is right for you when you want professional insights and experienced implementation to fuel your best growth strategy with the right funding sources.

**9 in 10 business owners suffice with a few hundred thousand dollars, or a couple of million of non bank debt and non-VC equity, typically without COMMISSIONS.

**1 in 10 business owners require $3 million or more of professional Venture Capital equity to achieve their full growth and profit potential.

Most professionals are expert at one or the other type of funding.
Stefania is a unique growth strategist and funding expert in each, to ensure 10 of 10 business owners get what is best for you.

Building on decades of success, renowned for her unique ability in raising VC for clients who kept ownership control, Stefania applies the same success principles of the Cash And ControlTM System for smaller amounts of cash, guiding you to whichever funding option is most cost-effective for you.

Stefania spent 15 years on Wall Street as an undercover business builder to learn the business of finance from the inside out. Now she shares what she learned with you about how to get cash and keep control.

Converting your growth potential into profitable realty- with resources that want YOU in control - is a 2 step process.

The Turkey Program consists of 2 modular components:

  1. Game Plan: Onsite in-depth analysis yielding the Optimum Growth Strategy to achieve your goals
  2. Customized implementation: New skills plus personal, hands-on implementation support for your optimum growth and funding game plan. 

Module 1 Game Plan: Analysis and Strategy come out of the on-site process.

On-site strategic process by Stefania to design a value-building game plan to motivate investors to give you credit for your future today! Stefania positions you to use your most exciting future as the valuable currency it is to access all the cash you want and keep ownership control.  Topics addressed to reveal your Optimum Growth Strategy are:

  • Are you capturing all your best profit-making opportunities?

  •  Which future you do really want to fuel?

  • What amount of capital would make your quantum-leap growth safest?

  • How might you operate differently if you had a safety net?

  • How would some personal liquidity to diversify your net worth~~while retaining ownership control~~ liberate your ability to be more creative to grow your company (without putting your family’s security at risk with each new major decision to capture the next great growth opportunity)?

  • Are you confident your destiny is in your hands?

  • What are the right choices of cash to fuel your best growth strategy?

The deliverable of Module 1 is The Future Roadmap TM:

      • Crystallize your vision and goals so customized actions are in sync with your objectives
      • Educate you about how your company is perceived by the financial community
      • Insights to leverage your choices and options to capture your full value    
      • Valuation Maximizer TM game plan to identify sources of funding who share your goals and want YOU in control.
      • Evaluate if venture capital is appropriate
      • Identify principal funding sources unique to you for fast, cheap cash
      • Interactive report of your Future Roadmap game plan
      • Future Roadmap Debrief to address your questions about how to get from where you are to where you want to be.


The Future Roadmap requires no preparation on your part. While this involves 3 days of Stefania’s time, this onsite facilitation only requires about 4 hours of your team’s time.

           “It has been said those things that today seem so obvious where, at one time, completely unfathomable. That’s how I felt after taking part in Stefania's remarkable process.

          At the end of our three days together, I learned powerful, previously unfathomable techniques about how to raise money while maintaining control of my organization. Equally important, I came away with a powerful new paradigm - one that is obvious now, and yet would have previously been completely outside my thought process. I can see very clearly now how these techniques will lead to large amounts of cash for my business without giving up my equity.

          There's actually one more advantage that I didn't expect: opening my mind to this kind of thinking made me reconsider many other parts of my business and ask this very simple question, "is there a completely different way to look at this problem or opportunity which creates a much bigger future?"

           Stefania’s process not only opens a new way of raising money and maintaining control of your business, but also a new way of thinking about your business in general. Two thumbs, way up!”

Richard Rossi, Co-founder, Envision Inc


Module 2 Customized implementation**: New skill coaching and hands-on support of your action plan to get the right cash on your terms, dictated by the type of funding needs identified in Module 1.  

**If you are 1 in 10 business owners who require Venture Capital funding, you’ll be happy to know:

"Instead of accepting any of the 5 investor term sheets we received, Capital Link helped us craft a 6th with the most favorable terms. We invited those investors we wanted to participate in our deal, and they accepted OUR term sheet."
- Scott Johnson, President, Industrial Devices Corporation, California

Module 2 to raise Venture Capital takes advantage of our unique process: The Cash And Control System.
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This VC Module 2 is an amazingly short 3- month retainer for Stefania to execute the customized funding strategy mutually agreed upon leveraging the Cash And Control System to get cash on your terms FAST.

The Turnkey Program is your Cash And Control System solution to access Venture Capital and Private Equity deep pocket professional capital while keeping control, plus the opportunity to take some personal liquidity. This is an exclusive program where I do it for you--typically in 3-4 months

 The predictable results are:

  • Make confident decisions
         based on risk-free market feedback

  • Select the right investors for you
         among choices of sources who want YOU in control

  • Enhance shareholder wealth
         while controlling your future.

  • Do it right the first time:
         Access sources to fund your 5-year growth strategy so you don’t have to divert management attention again for more cash to implement your full goals.

Access abundant growth capital to safely execute your quantum leap, add personal liquidity to diversify your net worth and keep ownership control of your golden goose!

See Case Studies

Listen to clients describe their experience

Call for a complementary analysis to determine if the TURNKEY Program is right for you:

Stefania Aulicino 312/951-6777. 

Avoid costly mistakes when selecting your Venture Capital or Private Equity – professional agent – partners. For example: at an extreme, $4 million could cost you 10% or 50% of your company.

Use our checklist

Module 2 for Venture Capital delivers deep-pocket cash to operate your company in the quantum leap zone. Exceed your own greatest corporate ambitions!

**If you are 10 in 10 business owners, you’ll be happy to know:

“Stefania, thank you for helping us to drive and package our company’s value in a way that is powerful, truthful and easy to share. The initial results have been immediate and rewarding.  I am sure the future will have similar results.

            To my surprise, within four days, the entire team unanimously engaged to help me reach out to 15 sources of cash we had never previously considered. We identified over $275,000 of new cash, none of which required any give-up of ownership. In fact, reaching out to these sources has already accelerated growth of our top line by solidifying prospected business into actual business.  Also, it drove us to begin collaboration of our first $100,000 of consulting income,  that previously we took for granted. We simultaneously obtained substantial pricing discounts on several big ticket expenses plus win-win terms allowing us to use the cash we do have more effectively.

Perhaps best of all is the energy liberated by the reduction of stress I have personally experienced: it’s fun to grow my business again! Our entire company is really enjoying the process of applying the Cash And Control System on our path to economic self-sufficiency.”

Lane Gerber, CEO, Trusted Supply Chain Partners (Trusted Manufacturing)

Module 2 for non-VC equity and non-bank debt typically WITHOUT COMMISSIONS is customized to achieve your personalized action plan includes:

  • Creation of your Customized list of equity investors

  • Creation of your Customized list of  non-bank and non-equity funding sources

  • Customized scripts to approach funding sources

  • Customized scripts to approach funding sources

  • Customized guidance to implement your Optimum Growth Strategy

  • Customized support to create your Corporate Resume

  • Customized support to design and build your Mosaic Approach

  • Cash And Control System Workbooks

  • ROE2

Call for a complementary analysis to determine if the TURNKEY Program is right for you:

Stefania Aulicino 312/951-6777. 

No need to guess.
We are unique in being able to address your needs in excess of $3 million which may require venture capital as well as addressing your needs for just a few hundred thousand or a million dollars, typically non-bank debt and non-equity, typically WITHOUT COMMISSIONS.

A turnkey solution with bottom line results to preserve management control when your optimum growth strategy deserves cash on your terms.

  “It was the best money I ever spent. The return is automatic and many fold.”

- Wayne McFarland, CEO of Landmark of Illinois

The Cash And Control System means cash on your terms. 

Profitable growth, faster, safer than you ever thought possible.

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